• 1. What is the Procedure of Selection of Officers in the Navy?

    Ans : Recruitment into the Navy is carried out on the basis of Merit. The number of uniformed personnel recruited/inducted depends on the number of eligible applicants (male and female) who are able to qualify in the Preliminary medical test and Interview, Written test, Inter Services Selection Board, Final medical examination and Final selection Board. The Commission in the Bangladesh Navy is open to young male and female of our country. They have the option to join the Executive, Technical and Supply Branches. The detailed selection procedure and the eligibility criteria is given in the www.joinnavy.navy.mil.bd.


  • 2. What kind of 'Officer like Qualities' are required for commission in the Navy?

    Ans: An Officer Should be Gentle, Firm and Intelligent.


  • 3. Sir, I Hold an Engineering Degree, Which Branch is suitable for me to join in the Navy? Please advise the procedure?

    Ans: Mainly Technical Branches. Such As Electrical & Mechanical.You have options to apply in Executive Branch also (for male candidates).


  • 4. I completed my graduation from a private institution can I join the Navy?

    Ans: Obviously. But you have to be passed from those subjects which have been prescribed in our circular. 

  • 5. Will I get my salary the moment I join the Navy?

    Ans:  No, you will get that from the first working day of next month.

  • 6. For which branches female can apply in the Navy?

    Ans: Presently for Cadet, female are getting Electrical, Mechanical and Supply Branch And for DEO all Branch other than BNVR(X). In the Navy, the Service conditions are same for male and female officers.  

  • 7. Do female train separately from male?

    Ans:   No. Female undergo the same training as male. However female have separate living rooms.  

  • 8. What are the grooming requirements for female in the Navy?

    Ans:   Female are expected to maintain the same high standards of appearance as male. The only difference is that female are allowed to keep their hair longer (after commission), provided it is a style that is easy to maintain and meets certain regulations.  

  • 9. Do the female have separate vacancy?

    Ans:   No special status is conferred to female candidates and they compete with male candidates on open merit system.

  • 10. How many times I can face ISSB?

    Ans: Maximum three times. One time Screened Out and one time rejected than he/she can go for third time.

  • 11. How many times Join Navy circular are published in a calendar year?

    Ans:   For Cadet entry four times (1st Gp, 2nd Gp, 3rd Gp and 4th Gp) and DEO two times (A- Batch & B- Batch) circular are published.

  • 12. Is there any reason not to get call up letter after fill up the form?

    Ans:   Yes. Reasons are:

               * Incomplete Form

               * Fake data in the form

               * Incomplete documents attached with the form

               * Courier problem