Location :

Located in the hilly terrain of Kaptai under Rangamati Hill District, The southeastern part of Bangladesh. The base is situated on the bank of fascinating artificial lake of Kaptai, the largest fresh water reservoir of Bangladesh.

Address ;

The Commanding Officer


kaptai, Rangamati Hill District, Bangladesh.

Phone : 044 34491592

Communication :

Overseas students shall arrive upto Chittagong by air. There after about two hours drive by road.

Training Facilities :

the premier technical training establishment of Bangladesh Navy, BNS SHAHEED MOAZZAM, has three Schools named Engineering School, Electrical School and Seamanship School to conduct training of the officers and sailors. The spectrum of officers training encompasses Executive Officers Basic Course (XOBC), Marine Engineering Specialisation Course (MESC) conducted bvy Engineering School and Long Electrical Course (LEC) conducted by Electrical School. The sailors professional training is also conducted at these Schools.

Accommodation Facilities :

Well-furnished Wardroom/Gunroom for Officers and dormitory for sailors.

Recreation :

Adequate sports and other recreational facilities are available, attractive facilities for boating, skiing and swimming are also abailable.

Medical Facilities ;

First aid centre with qualified doctors are available within the base. Hospital facilities at combined military hospital BNS PATENGA and CMH Chittagong are also available when required.

Heritage of Rangamati :

Rangamati is a hilly town, which is known for its panoramic view. With enchanting scenic beauty, Kaptai lake also provides sweet water fishes in abundance. Different types of fresh fruits also grow in the hilly terrain of the area. Largest Reserve Forest of the country is in this area. The town is lightly populated and most of the inhabitants are of tribal origin. The tribal cultures dominate the age old heritage of Rangamati.