Life on Ship

Work on board ships is divided amongst teams that do different kinds of jobs. They could be involved in the operation of various equipment such as radars, sonars or communications, or firing of weapons such as missiles, guns, or rockets. Other diverse teams involve Cooks, Stewards, Medical Assistants and others who are additionally trained to work with weapons. For each naval personnel, skills, knowledge, abilities, resolve, physical and mental toughness are put to test at sea. Modern ships, submarines and aircraft of the Bangladesh Navy are highly sophisticated and technologically advanced platforms. Onboard ships, men are involved in operating the state-of-the art weapons, navigational systems, communication sets, diving equipment, etc. It involves maintenance of equipment. Personnel go through training in the art of seamanship, operating weapons and sensors, look-out duties, boat-work and man-management. All personnel are also trained Warfare and Damage Control including Fire Fighting.

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