Life on Submarine

The elite arm of submarines is for those who yearn for the exclusive challenge of operating below the surface of the oceans in highly technical and powerful submarines. Life on board submarines is a life amidst hi-tech war machines which have awesome firepower, weapon control system, computer controlled machinery and a high standard of habitability. Personnel for this elite arm are taken from various branches subject to their volunteering and clearing the aptitude test and medical standards. The major responsibility of the submarines in peace time is to train for war as effectively as possible, in the knowledge that will contribute to its prevention. Submarines of the Bangladesh Navy are highly sophisticated and technologically advanced platforms. On board submarines, men work with weapons, navigational systems, communication sets, diving equipment, etc. The art of submarine warfare involves having a good understanding of own capabilities and limitations and be able to turn them to own advantage. In order to fulfill the aim of using the submarine as an instrument of tactical warfare, personnel go through many years of rigorous practice in the art of operating weapon and sensors.

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